Kyra’s CU performance

Monday night Kyra’s symphonic band performed with the University of Colorado band. The high school group had been invited to join the CU players, which was a pretty big honor.

Mom and Dad had commented in the past that if any of our kids had a special performance or event, they should invite Grandma and Grandpa to come visit. So Kyra did, and they were able to schedule the trip. It was really great.

When we arrived at the CU auditorium, Mom was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to see Kyra at all. There are a lot of players in the band, and only a few of them are visible– most are in the back or behind their music stands. Fortunately, Kyra is first chair flute which means she always sits on the right side of the conductor, on the end chair closest to the audience. Sure enough, when the students came out and took their seats, we could see her easily.


The band played well, and Kyra had several solos that were really good. She’s definitely a strong flautist– it’s hard to remember the early days when she sounded more like a squeaky wheel.

Nice job, Kyra!