Master of the iPad

Zack has an iPad Mini for school– all of the students get to “lease” one for the year, and the teachers use them as part of their curriculum. It’s a nice program, and I think it helps the students learn how to use technology every day. Of course the students look at it as an opportunity to install the latest Minecraft mod or Candy Crush game.

Zack has tinkered with it a bit, and now he can enable Siri and ask her:

“Who am I?”

To which she replies:

“Your name is Popo, but you asked me to call you the Chinchilla Master.”

Of course that’s in the semi-robotic voice of Siri, which probably makes it even funnier. I don’t know where the Chinchilla Master came from, but Zack chuckles every time he does it. I love it– his sense of humor is as goofy as mine.