Family photos

Last weekend we all sat down as a family to figure out what we wanted to do for our Christmas card this year. It’s tough because our cards are pretty well-known, and it’s becoming more difficult to be creative with the goofy photo we put on the front. After some brainstorming, we came up with an idea and went to a local park to work on it. I won’t give away the card just yet– I’ll post that after Christmas– but as long as we were all at the park, we thought it might be nice to take some family photos.

Our last “formal” family photos were taken when Zack was less than a year old. Laralee has refused to have any photos taken with her smiling in the past three years because of her braces, but now that the braces are finally off she’s not as bashful. I suppose one of these days we should do something “nice”, but in the meantime we’ll just keep taking the candid shots.

Here’s a nice photo of the Schroeder Clan on the playground at the park:


Then, of course, we have this:


And I couldn’t resist putting together an animation. Notice how Alex and Laralee are the stoic ones:


Zack looks like a special needs child sometimes:


On our way home, we passed by a big concrete-block wall and thought it would be fun to take some pictures where we looked like punks. Kyra definitely has the sneer perfected:


Too cool for school:


And finally, showing off gang signs… or maybe peace signs?