This morning I was putting in my contacts and dropped the case into the sink. When I picked it up, the ol’ left lens was simply gone. I didn’t see it on the floor, in the sink, anywhere. I crawled around on hands and knees, squinting at the rug and the linoleum, but didn’t see it. Yikes, it must’ve fallen down the drain.

Twenty minutes later I’d disassembled most of the sink and was rewarded with a pile of muck from the drain. Wow, to think I brush my teeth above something so nasty! That single ten-inch section of drain pipe would’ve made a fascinating (but gross) science project for someone. Sadly, despite digging through the goop very carefully, I couldn’t find the contact lens.

Disappointing thoughts of trying to set up an appointment with an eye doctor were floating through my skull when I finally found the thing– stuck to the side of the faucet on the bath tub. The tub is just to the right of the sink, although how the lens popped that far is anyone’s guess. I suppose the manufacturers build in some “evasion” technology because the more lenses you lose, the more money they make.

So happily, I’m seeing with two eyes again.