Dig Dug

Last week Zack and I headed over to Lyons Pinball, which is a little house up the road in Lyons where a guy has a collection of classic pinball and video games which he lets people play (for 50 cents a game, of course). They’re a lot of fun, and Zack’s been wanting to go for a while.

He found a video game cabinet that had a collection of classic arcade games: things like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, and so on. For some reason he went straight to Dig Dug. Of course I remember it from my younger days, but I always thought it was kind of lame… you run around digging through the dirt and inflating weird bad guys until they explode. But hey, it’s not like many video games have a deep plot or something.


After a handful of games he proudly entered his initials in the leaderboard. It looks like he needed to do a bit better to hit the high score, though…