The end-of-year statistics are in, and it looks like this past year wasn’t quite the work-a-thon that 2003 was. I amassed a total of 2,257 hours. That’s an average of just over 43 hours a week, which I suppose is just about average in today’s work world. Although December was my busiest month (driving me to the brink of insanity, in fact) I suspect the slow summer months counteracted the end-of-year frenzy. It would be nice to have things a bit more balanced through the year, of course.

I also looked at my “Sent” folder in e-mail, and it looks like I sent 10,968 messages during the year. That’s right around 30 per day, which sure seems like a lot. It just goes to prove that it’s my main form of communication.

So now I launch into 2005 hoping for a bit more stability, a bit more success, and of course a maximum of fun.