Our furnace croaked last night, which means it was a bit chilly this morning. Our bedroom sits right above the garage, meaning it’s colder than every other room in the house (at least it seems to be). At 6:30am Laralee and I were fiddling with various knobs and switches on the furnace, trying in vain to figure out what wasn’t working.

In the end we had to call a repair guy, because furnaces (and more specifically, gas lines) are just not something that unprofessionals should mess with. In particular, my history of failed home projects carries a potential for me to blow up the house or something. So we’re waiting for a $60 service call (that’s the price just to walk in the front door) and hopefully we’ll have some heat before tonight’s expected single-degree weather hits.

In the meantime, it’s about 56 degrees on the main floor, and probably a few degrees colder in my basement office. I’m even wearing socks (!) to keep warm, but my fingers are a bit chilly and I can tell I’m not typing as fast as usual. Still, considering we’ve been without a furnace for around ten hours, I’m pleased that the house retains some heat…