Another year has come and gone, and we managed to have a great time on Christmas.

It started when Zaque’s friend Ma’ata gave him a miniature “finger horse”.

What’s hilarious about this is it’s exactly what Zaque wanted, and he hadn’t said anything to her. Rather, she commented to him that she’d seen it in a store and thought it would be perfect. Yep, she knows him well.

See my joy at opening a Jack Sparrow bobble-head. I mean, who wouldn’t want something like that?

Continuing a long-standing tradition, I gave Laralee some office supplies. Yeah, that’s how much the love of my life means to me. This year it was scissors (only the best: titanium blades!) and a mousepad.

Zaque loved his Bob Ross shirt:

And Alex thought the Mr. Peanut shirt was an absolute riot:

Kathy replenished my supply of CoCo Wheats, which aren’t available in Colorado and have to be imported from Missouri.

The most-anticipated gift on Zaque’s list was, of course, “fingers for fingers”, which he put to hilarious use throughout the day.

He was also thrilled to open a heavy package (because heavy means it’s awesome, right?) and discover a 13-pound bag of baking soda. I’d put it there to fool him, of course, and hide the nature of the true gift: dress socks.

Upon opening another gift from Kathy, La was excited by the note that read, “This was the most beautiful thing I saw at the art fair”. A box of tuna and chicken lickable bisque treats!

After we finished opening gifts, we played my new card game, Exploding Kittens. It’s simple but a lot of fun.

… and it involves a lot of tension when drawing cards. “Will I get the exploding kitten?”

We wrapped up with a video call to Kyra, who’s serving her mission in California. It was good to talk to her (and see her) after the many months she’s been gone.

All in all, it was another good Christmas and a good year.