Thought Monkeys LLC

Many years ago– fourteen, to be exact– I came up with a great name for a business: Thought Monkeys. Through the years I had some fun with it, even registering a domain name and receiving official letters addressed to a fictitious company.

But a couple of weeks ago, I actually created a company called Thought Monkeys LLC. Yep, it’s real and official and even has a federal tax number.

Why, you ask? Because I talked to a lawyer who recommended I make some changes to my financial holdings (stocks, really) and said the best approach is to create an LLC. Since it really doesn’t matter at all what the company is called, as long as it’s an official LLC, I seized the opportunity.

Imagine my pleasure when I logged into my brokerage portal and saw my new account.

(In all caps, no less!)

Who knew the world of finance could be so much childish fun?