Fun with cameras

So, I bought a new camera. This thing is serious, and even meets with Thom’s approval. I decided it was time to take the next step on my photography journey, and that meant stepping up from the 12-year-old DSLR I’ve been using.

Problem: The camera cost more than my first car. Yeah.

Solution: Sell my old gear! Even though it’s fairly old, it’s probably worth $600-800. Hello, Craigslist!

Next problem: Craigslist is apparently a “hive of scum and villany”, to quote Obi-Wan, because all of the text messages I’ve received about the ad so far have been scammers who want me to ship the camera to their “friend” in Florida or wherever, and they’ll pay me with Paypal. Ha, I’m not new around here, Mr. Scammer! I just start asking them questions and saying dumb stuff until they finally give up on me.