With my new camera in hand, but no time during my work day to read the manual about how to use it, I went to my ultimate league games last night and snapped about a hundred photos of our game. The results were amazing. I’m not saying I’m an amazing photographer, or even that the photos themselves were amazing, but rather that the improvement over my previous cameras was noticeable and astounding. The photos were so much sharper, and even in the fading daylight I was able to capture action in high-speed pictures.

Thom was right: a full-frame sensor makes a world of difference. Of course, I’d expect that when you buy a camera that costs more than a car, it darn well better take good pictures! I’m using low-end lenses now, so Thom’s next piece of advice is to get some better glass… but that’s another car’s worth of dough, so I’m going to have to hold off on it for a while.

When Laralee and I went on a walk in today’s gorgeous 70-degree sunny weather, I brought along my new toy and took a few photos along the path. They’re nothing breathtaking, but again, I was deeply impressed with the quality of the shots when I pulled them up in Darktable. Here are a few, with only slight editing.

Now I’ll spend the weekend reading the 404-page manual (!) and hopefully learn how to use some of the really nifty features of this camera. I’m excited for this.