Back in 2007, one of my clients was IZZE, the Boulder startup company who makes sparkling fruit drinks. Every time I visited their office, they insisted I take home some product, so I’d often leave with a trunk full of several cases of IZZE. We really enjoyed it as a family, and it became a traditional part of our weekly pizza and movie nights.

Zack loved it, and I caught a shot of him toasting me with his orange IZZE back in January 2007:

Yesterday one of my seminary students left a little surprise package on our doorstep, thanking me for being her teacher. It included orange Starburst, orange gum, orange IZZE, and a little card with (surprise!) an orange pun. When I saw the cans of orange IZZE, I was reminded of that long-ago shot. I asked Zaque to pose with the can.

He may look a lot different after eleven years, but he’s still the same goofy kid.