In tonight’s Slashdot forums, there was discussion of how to focus the sun’s energy with mirrors and start things on fire. One particularly humorous comment…

I always wanted to round up a kindergarten class worth of children to act as my solar death squad. Here’s how it would work:

1. Give each kid their own shiny little mirror with a Post-It note stuck on it to block the shiny part.

2. One at a time, have them remove the Post-It, aim their mirror to reflect the sun upon some point, then re-Post-It.

3. Once everyone is aimed (30 kids or so), have them all remove their Post-Its at once, instantly creating a plasma-hot ball of fire at the point of focus, incinerating your enemies with the might of a kindergarten class.

Has anyone else had this idea too, or am I the only weirdo around here?