Video game lines

When Zaque plays video games with friends, he uses a headset and a chat application so he can talk with them in real-time while they’re playing. (LAN parties are so early 2000’s!) Since we can only hear his half of the conversation, it makes for some interesting times.

He often gets, shall we say, very animated during these games, and absolutely screams as he’s playing. Some of my favorite recent lines have been:

Welcome to the Thunderdome!

(does he even know what the Thunderdome is? That was, like, early 80’s)

I can’t be stopped! (pause) I’m like a truck full of orphans!
Ohh-whoa, we’re half way there…
Ohh-whoa, livin’ on a prayer…

(sung at the top of his lungs to the tune of Bon Jovi’s song, of course)

Somebody call an ambulance, because I’m so sick!