Zaque frustrates me sometimes because he isn’t a very good planner, and just sort of throws things together at the last minute. My frustration isn’t necessarily with that– it’s with the fact that regardless of how poorly he plans, somehow things always work out anyway.

Take, for example, last week. College applications for BYU were due on Saturday at midnight. Something went wrong with transmitting his SAT scores, and he didn’t find out until late Friday. It was too late to do anything, so he could only hope that the scores would magically be sent. Also, one of the teachers he’d asked to provide a recommendation hadn’t completed it yet, and of course it was also too late to remind the teacher. Keep in mind that Zaque had months to get all this done, but only in the final 24 hours did he figure out that stuff was missing.

It looked like he would miss the deadline, not get into college, and end up as a hobo living under a bridge.

But nooooooo. Not Zaque! We found out today that the deadline has been extended until this Thursday. That’ll give him time to remind his teacher about the recommendation and figure out the SAT scores. And once again, his procrastination works out fine.

How does he do it?