Over the next few months, I’m going to have to transition away from using my email address, since I won’t be part of the company any more. So I’ve been thinking about domain names. Although I’ve had for over 17 years now, I find that spelling it for people is a real pain. And an email on that domain is doubly bad for Laralee, since no one can spell her name either. I need something short, sweet, and memorable.

La, Alex, and I have been brainstorming ideas. Of course my first idea was, based on the name of my latest business, but sadly it’s taken. Using the theme of “monkey”, which is a great word, easy to spell, and will definitely be memorable, we’ve been coming up with all kinds of combinations and checking whether the domains are available.,,, and so on.

That led to talking about old 80’s TV shows, and what happens when you substitute “monkey” in the title. You end up with things like…

Mork and Monkey
Monkey, She Wrote
Monkey P.I.
The Greatest American Monkey
Little Monkey on the Prairie (or, Little House on the Monkey)
Monkey Days
Who’s the Monkey?
Quantum Monkey
Saved by the Monkey
Bosom Monkeys
Monkey Who
The Twilight Monkey
Monkey Night Live
The Love Monkey
Punky Monkey (possibly my favorite)

La and I are laughing so hard. Alex is chuckling, but since he doesn’t know the original shows, he can’t fully appreciate the jokes.