Let’s get physical

The last time I had a physical exam was when I was trying out for the high school baseball team. I was 15. In the intervening years, I haven’t been to a doctor for anything… no checkups, no physicals, no illnesses, no surgeries. It’s been pretty nice.

Now, as I’m preparing to serve a mission, I’m required to have a physical. Apparently the church wants to ensure that I’m not going to go into cardiac arrest or whatever while I’m serving. I didn’t see a way around it, so I resigned myself to the fact that I would, once again, need to visit a doctor.

Zaque and I did that today (he needs a physical for his mission as well). It took about half an hour and wasn’t too bad. In the end, all the tests came back positive. Apparently I’m still a fine specimen of health. Even after 32 years without doctors.

Can I go another thirty years without visiting a doctor? Fingers crossed…