This is my friend Mitch.

He retired a little over two years ago, and his son Sean took this picture as he came out of his home office. He was so happy to retire from a job that had become a slog. He’s told me many times (as all retired people seem to do) that he’s thoroughly enjoying his time without a full-time job.

Today it was my turn.

Yep, that’s my home office behind me, and I’m officially retired today. Unlike Mitch, I absolutely loved my job, the guys I worked with, and my clients. But it’s time to move on to the next adventure.

I’ll miss these yahoos on the Zing team:

But I know they’re going to do great, and the company will continue to grow and flourish. As for me, I plan to start my retirement with a bunch of summer trips, tons of ultimate, and then my move to Montana. Here we go!