Well, that’s complicated

Every few weeks I get together with a group of friends and we play board games. Between all of us, we have a pretty broad collection of games, varying from silly to strategic to simply epic.

Last night I watched the guys play a relatively new addition called Gloomhaven. The game itself costs over a hundred dollars and comes in an enormous box with hundreds of pieces. It’s a four-person game, and they were already in the middle of a “campaign”, so I didn’t join. But I watched and learned the rules. Much of the game looked like this:

Meaning there were tons of cards and pieces on the table, some confused looks as people read the various cards, and frequent referrals to the thick rulebook.

Yeah, maybe this one is a little too complicated for my tastes. After two hours, they’d almost finished the first of two rooms they were exploring that evening. I headed out to pick up Thom, who’s visiting this week, and wished them the best as they continued to figure out all the craziness.