It’s nice to be loved

This week will be my last hurrah playing ultimate in Colorado. Some of the guys in our pickup group have organized a “Shoeless Day” tomorrow:

Longtime Longmont pickup stalwart, GRU board member, swilling barefoot-running all-around good guy Shoeless Jeff will make his final (outdoor) pick-up appearance tomorrow at Valmont.

While no doubt true that the brutal desolation and loneliness of a long windy dark Montana winter will bring him back soon, and the likelihood that he’s so far from finished packing up his house that he’ll show up again on Tuesday, we should send him off in style tomorrow. Guard him lightly, compliment his errant throws and tentative soft cuts, and let him score at least once.

Bring your old and extra cleats, old smelly GRU shirts and visors, and cracked discs for Shoeless to take with him, box up and move to Montana to start a new pick-up game in Big Sky country.

And a tent. Shoeless is always on the lookout for a good tent to borrow.

I’m looking forward to one last game. And some good heckling.