Get ready, Oklahoma

With Alex and Kyra as examples before him, Zaque followed in their footsteps by choosing to serve a mission. This morning we took him to the airport and said our goodbyes.

He looks pretty sharp in that suit! And the haircut helps. But despite his missionary look, he’s still the same goofy Zaque we’ve always known.

Yesterday he told me privately, “I know Mom is going to try to cram 18 years of advice into my head just before I leave.” And sure enough, as we sat at the gate waiting for his flight to board, Laralee gave him some last pieces of advice. Eat your vegetables, drink plenty of water, be nice to your companions, and so on.

Finally it was time. We hugged him and told him we’d see him in two years.

Now he’s Elder Schroeder! I’m sure proud of this fine young man.