The Dell griping must continue.

As detailed a few days ago in my journal, I ordered a server from Dell and had a bit of an adventure getting the order straight. Despite my protestations, and request that I get a free shipping credit, they said they simply couldn’t do it.

Later that day, someone else from Dell called to “follow up” on the order. In reality it wasn’t a follow-up at all– it was an attempt to sell me more stuff. This woman called herself a “Technical Sales Coordinator” or something equally impressive but meaningless. Her job, as far as I could tell from her description of it, is to sell me a bunch of add-ons for my server. She was ready to sign me up for a new monitor, a laser printer, a USB drive, or anything else from the “catalog of over 70,000 peripherals stocked by Dell”.

Because she said she’s “one step above” the sales reps I’d dealt with earlier, I told her about my ordering experience and asked if she could do anything about free shipping or some kind of credit for my frustration and wasted time. Nope, it turns out all she can do is sell stuff. “Gosh, I wish I could help you with that,” I remember her saying, “but I can only manage the peripherals.”

Thanks a million.

Well, this morning I received another call from a different Technical Sales Coordinator offering the same set of 70,000 peripherals. Luckily I missed the call, because I would have really laid into her. What kind of ridiculous process is this? I place an order, the order doesn’t work and I get overcharged for it, so I complain, but no one will listen to my complaint, and then… I get not one but two calls offering to sell me more crap I don’t need! If I wanted a laser printer I would have added it to my order!

I can only hope I get a third Technical Sales Coordinator calling me, because then the trifecta will be complete and I’ll have to go ballistic.