Laralee’s been threatening for years to go through our “files” and trash all the stuff we really don’t need. Today she apparently dove into our boxes and boxes of receipts and managed to provide a generous donation for our recycle bin.

One of the more interesting items she found was this receipt from 1990 (yes, 1990!) showing the Apple IIgs computer I bought. My first real computer, woo hoo! This was the system I brought to college and used for a few years until the software got too old (Apple decided not to support that model and shift all their effort to Macs, meaning there wasn’t a market for IIgs software).

Note the 768 kB of memory, the 5.25″ disk drive (oh, those days), and the bargain $450 hard drive with an astounding 40 MB of storage. Funny that now you can buy 40MB of storage for right around 4 cents.