There’s a Dilbert cartoon where Dilbert is defragmenting his hard drive or something, and he comments about how happy he is that his computer is running smoothly, and how he’s entered a transcendent state. Dogbert calls it “Nerdvana”.

That’s a great word. I don’t know if Scott Adams invented it, but it’s such a perfect word to describe someone who has passed beyond mere “geekiness” into a whole new level of technologic bliss. I can say that I’ve probably done so.

Today I finished reading Linux Server Hacks, which contains a hundred tips and tricks to tweak your favorite Linux server. The scary part is that (1) I learned a bunch of new things, and (2) I’m excited to test them on my servers. The key word there is “excited”. Yes, I’m actually looking forward to hacking my servers to get another few clock cycles of performance out of them, or to shave a few seconds off the time I spend monitoring them for problems.

Truly, I have achieved Nerdvana.