Rooftop work

Now that I’ve confirmed our Starlink system will provide great internet service, it was time to move it from its place sitting in the courtyard up to the roof, where it would not only be out of the way, but would have a better view of the sky. I bought a mounting kit– really just a big metal frame that sits on the ridgeline of the roof– and Alex and I went to work. Our roof is crazy steep: it’s at 45 degrees everywhere, which is surprisingly difficult to climb on. I went to the local hardware store and picked up a couple of ladder hooks, which we attached to the top of our extension ladder. They hook on the far side of the ridgeline, basically turning the ladder into something you can use to scale the roof.

From this view, it doesn’t look all that dangerous, but the roof on the far side (behind Alex) not only slopes down at the usual 45 degrees, but then drops off to the front porch. It’s easily a three-story fall. Luckily Alex enjoyed being on the roof, and I was happy to hand up the parts and tools. With some concrete blocks to weigh it down, the ridgeline mount seems firmly in place and we were able to slide the dish into its new mount:

It took us about an hour, but all’s well that ends well, and now Starlink is happily watching the satellites whiz overhead.