Ollie at 0.42 years

When our grandson Ollie was born in March, it was a weird feeling to think that I’m a grandpa. We visited him in Utah a couple of times, but it was only for a few days. Well, we were thrilled to welcome him to our home these past couple of weeks. It was a blast to spend so much time with the little guy.

I forgot how much babies drool. Holy cow. His chin and hands and shirt collar were always damp, as were any shirts we were wearing while holding him.

Now that he’s five months old, he’s much more interactive. No longer is he like an inert potato who cries occasionally. He smiles and laughs, flops around on the floor, flaps his arms, and makes faces when he’s fed strange food like avocados mixed with bananas (yes, Kaitlyn really fed him that!). He tried some sushi:

Alex kept joking about feeding him a bit of wasabi, but Kaitlyn was having none of that. Ollie did seem to enjoy some ginger. He loves “riding high” on his dad’s shoulders:

He seemed confused at times, but I guess that’s normal for someone who’s just discovering the world.

All in all, he’s an awesome little guy. I’m excited to see how much more he’s grown when we see him again in a month or so.