Gas is expensive these days. It’s not as expensive as petro in Europe (which is currently running a little more than twice what we pay), but it’s still causing some grumbling.

So, predictably, some U.S. Senators who are up for re-election this fall are coming up with wacky ideas they hope will appeal to voters. Jim Talent of Missouri proposes a $100 tax credit for every American family, and says:

It will show people that Washington gets it, and that it’s time to provide some relief to Americans, to Missourians who are trying to support their families and are paying these very high gasoline prices.

I almost busted a gut when I read “… Washington gets it”. Yeah.

Never mind that $100 per family equates to several billion dollars of money our country can’t afford to spend (budget deficit? what budget deficit?). A hundred bucks is probably one tankful of gas for those people tooling around town in their Tahoe. Wow, that’ll really make an impact!

Senator Talent, here’s a hint: it’s the grossly oversized SUVs trundling along our city streets that are the problem. People who bought an Explursion or whatever and now gripe about dropping a hundred clams to fill their tanks are getting a lesson in reality, and it’s high time. Go buy a little Honda for those half-mile trips to the video store. Or better yet, get a bike.