Congress continues to be on the forefront of trampling our rights, as another bill was introduced in the Senate that would make it illegal to broadcast streaming MP3 music over the internet. Only Windows Media or Real files (both crappy formats) would be allowed because they support encryption and licensing.

Never mind that internet radio stations who are currently streaming MP3’s are doing so in a completely legal fashion (the RIAA has seen to it that the “pirate” stations have all been shut down). They pay royalties to the appropriate copyright holders before sending the music over the wire. But since it’s possible to record the streaming audio, a couple of brilliant senators think it’s a good idea to lock down the data. Never mind that technically, if it comes out of the speakers, anything can be recorded– no matter the encryption or licensing used. There are tools to do this, and they’re easy to find.

Predictably, there was a rousing discussion of the issue on Slashdot, and I must say the funniest comment was this:

I’m sure glad they solved all the fricking important problems before they decided on going after streaming mp3s, because, really, when I think of all the things going wrong in the world today, streaming fricking mp3s are the absolute bottom of the list.

What I wouldn’t give for someone in Congress to represent the people, instead of just screwing us constantly. I’m waiting for them to just ban listening to music altogether.