Laralee and I really enjoy playing Settlers of Catan, a strategy board game that involves commerce, planning, and a little bit of backstabbing. The only real bummer for us is it’s a three- or four-person game, so we can’t play as often as we’d like… we have to wait until we’re hanging out with friends who are willing to play.

I figured the kids are old enough now to grok a game like this, so today I sat down with them and explained it. Alex and Kyra took to it right away, and played surprisingly well. Kyra started out strong, and Alex took a little longer to get moving but was soon cruising as well. The game ends when someone hits ten points, and near the end it was 9-to-9-to-9, so we were fighting for that last point. Kyra ended up victorious, although I think Alex was going to win on his next turn.

So all in all it was a lot of fun, and both of them are excited to play again. Finally Laralee and I will be able to get our “Settlers fix”!