Happy Hands Club

Last night there was a youth talent show at church, where any of the teenagers could put on an act. Some sang, some danced, and then there was the Happy Hands Club.


From the left, that’s Alex as Napoleon Dynamite, complete with the afro, nerd glasses, and the all-important “Vote for Pedro” shirt. Then we have McKenna and Kyra, both taking this very seriously. And the cute blonde on the right? Yep, that’s Zack.

As the curtains opened and they started their sign-language routine, someone leaned over to me in the audience and asked who it was on the right– she didn’t recognize the teen. I explained that it was Zack, and she was surprised. “How did you get him to dress in drag?” Well, he actually asked if he could be part of the troupe.

Anyway, it was absolutely hilarious, including the fact that the three on the right were (mostly) in sync while Napoleon was just slightly off. When the song ended, Napoleon suddenly ran off the stage in classic style.